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    Get Media coverage for startups & smes

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    Change the way startups & sme approach PR

    Get Media Coverage . By Technology

    In U.S., China, TW & HK

    By leveraging technology, we identify relevant journalists and outreach to them efficiently. We streamline traditional PR process & reduce our man hour which makes us 3x more efficient than traditional PR agency. By bringing the PR cost down, we make PR accessible not only to big Corporates, but also Startups & SMEs.

    Provide Media Database & Tools

    Use our resource to D.I.Y. PR for your startup

    If you have the manpower in your team, we provide media database, press release templates and tutorial to help you to do PR yourself.

    Priority Media Opportunity delivered to you every monday

    from HelloReporter.io

    We help reporters to find interesting stories. If any request relates to your startup, you will be the first one to receive.

    (Pivoting this model right now, stay tuned!)

  • Deconstructed PR to its core essentials by Technology

    HelloPR has created the most effective process for helping startup & sme to attain media coverage. As opposed to traditional PR agency that charge HKD30,000/month (~USD4k) with 6 month retainer contract, we provide a monthly HKD8.4k solution & even DIY solution at only HKD380.

    Focus in Greater China, especially Chinese media

    Startup in HK wanna go to Taiwan & China. Startup in TW wanna go to HK & CN. Startup in Silicon Valley wanna comes to Greater China. HelloPR helps you to break the language barrier and get covered by local media in Greater China.

    14D Guaranteed return of fee. Full refund without question

    If you are unhappy at the first 14 days of our service and request for a refund, we will fully return the fee without question.

     background in 

    PR & Tech & Entrepreneurship

    The team has coders, entrepreneurs & PR experts which makes us unique. We have traditional know-how, programming skill to streamline PR process, entrepreneur who understand SMEs well. We are also one of the 10 selected startups of Google EYE & Appworks.tw Incubation.

  • Media we work with or successfully got startups covered

    From international media to local media

  • Startups we work with

    From teams in top tier incubator to early stage startups

  • Do-It-Yourself

    PR Solution

    Pitch to relevant reporters with our media database & template

    HKD980 (~USD125)

    per each press release distribution for buying 4 distribution in one go

    or HKD1,200 paid for every distribution

    1 Press Release 

    per month

    > 3600 HK reporters

    in our database

    Pitch to 1 category

    of reporters (e.g. tech, f&b, biz)

    per press release

    Resources for you

    Press release templates, tutorial, case study etc

  • Cost Effective PR Service

    For Startups & SMEs . By Technology .

    No Retainer

    • Technology to find out the relevant journalists for you from what they wrote in the past
    • Technology to automate & streamline our outreach process
    • No retainer (6 - 12 month contract) to give you the best flexibility

    HKD7,800 (~USD1,000)

    per media coverage

    if you buy 4 coverages in one go

    or HKD8,400 paid per every media coverage

    + HKD500 on-boarding cost

    PR service 


    Now you have a media outreach team

    1 media pitching

    per month

    (e.g. Press Release)

    Up to 100 reporters contacted

    Per announcement

    1 PR strategy meeting per month

    with 2 hr phone support 

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