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PR + Technology For Startups & Businesses

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HelloReporter was founded in 2016, it is an unconventional PR agency aiming to make public relations affordable to startups and all businesses by leveraging technology. With its mission, HelloReporter provides professional PR services with affordable prices. By adopting smart technology, it helps enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in brand building and marketing. HelloReporter believes technology can create more new possibilities and opportunities through standardizing and streamlining the manual PR process. With its talents and experts, HelloReporter provides innovative and creative PR services for clients.


Standardized & streamlined PR process allow us to keep the cost below 50% of normal agency.


Providing the best flexibility to Startups & SMEs


With both tech talents & PR experts in our team, we are able to deliver result efficiently.

Affordable PR for SMEs

Define the business objective and media angle

Draft press release &
target media list

Media pitch

Interview & Report

HelloReporter has created the most effective process for helping Startups & Businesses to attain media coverage.

Coverages secured
Startups & SMEs
Ad Value Generated

Who chooses HelloReporter?

Hundreds of Startups and SMEs have made the choice.

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