Run Your Business like a Media

You must learn to promote your products in order to sell—this is a rule of thumb that goes without saying. But in a world where we are exposed to over 4000 advertisements every day, how can your business stand out from its competitors?

Content marketing, is the way to go.

Adblockers ruining the game

Marketers spent millions of dollars on promotion and commercials— most of these are pop-ups, and display ads that are connected to their potential target market. While adblockers has admittedly brought convenience to over 198 million of internet users, millions of business marketing promotions are also tore down. Due to adblockers, businesses have reportedly suffered a loss of up to $2.6 million per year, and by 2020, the amount will be up to $27 billion.

‍Image Source: Marketing Land: Ad Blockers & Analytics: What Webmasters Should Know And Do

Content marketing bases primarily in creativity that comes in artistic and interactive form. The public respond well to advertisements with valuable content. So, instead of explicitly listing out all the pros of your products on your customers, produce genuine, creative and informative content.

Better consumer trust

While advertisements may come across to many as fake and deceiving, others would categorise “overly” marketed products as irritating and scamming information. People respond better to implicit information, which is where content marketing comes in handy. By instilling creativity to hard cold facts, better market response can be obtained.

0.7 seconds.

The median gaze time spent on reading an advertisement is 0.7 seconds; and an average of 37 seconds for an article. Content marketing comes in handy when the creativity is grabbing the attention from social media users. It is also effective to extend the time span spent on their advertisements. HubSpot is a pioneer of crafting high-quality content to grow from a startup to giant in the online marketing niche. Their marketing blog alone has 300,000 subscribers and drives 2M visitors every month.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

New technology tools help brands stand out from their competitors. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) are under-utilized technology that can bring promising results. Marketers can experiment with AR and VR content, and create engaging experience for users.


Public relation and technology

Content Marketing is the new form of PR, or anything you can think of. Public relations played a part as a CSR strategy, combined with technological tools. Toms, a footwear brand created a VR video which documents their team sending the brand’s shoes to a remote village in Peru. Instead of directly featuring their shoes, they used a storytelling way and CSR to promote their brand image. The use of VR created a brand new experience to potential customers.

Impact of “A Personal Touch”

The public adore stories, and with content marketing, stories related to your target audience can be vividly told. Supported by science, people tend to purchase products with their emotional impulse than the intended reason to purchase a product. Although content marketing appears to simply be a way to tell stories, bloggers’ comments or CEO’s private stories, it ultimately boosts the brand’s exposure.

Run any business like a media. Be innovative, be prompt, and be personal.

[Author: Carmen Tang]

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