By integrating the technologies, we bring you the most effective marketing and PR campaigns.

These are some of the cases we developed digital assets to bring the clients an integrated marketing and PR solutions.

Client: La Salle de Fabrication

A landing page was designed and developed for LASDF app launch so that the media could refer to the website for business details. A chatbot was also developed as a PR gimmick. The chatbot demonstrates the business idea of customised jewellery in an engaging interactive sales channel.


The client was looking for a solution to reduce the cost of marketing and data research. We designed the acquisition funnel by chatbot and Facebook canvas. The customers will get discounts by finish a questionnaire and engaging with the chatbot. This campaign brought research data and a list of subscribers effectively to the client.

Client: PolyVision

PolyVision was looking for a solution to enhance the efficiency of its customer service hotline. A Facebook service bot was developed as a automated CS funnel.